Why Zenkind ?

Sourcing :

We source our raw materials from Malai. They work alongside Southern India’s coconut farmers and processing units to convert coconut agricultural waste into vegan & home compostable material in turn making it 100% biodegradable.

In this process they rescue about 4000 litres coconut water per day, which otherwise would be released into the drainage system causing pollution of water and the soil to become acidified. The material is available in range of colours which are achieved through the addition of natural dyes. These are exclusively plant based dyes derived from a patented cold batch dyeing method.



The hazardous impacts of the fashion industry have taken a toll on the
ecosystem. With fast fashion becoming the popular choice among the
world's population, it has led to a inevitable and unfathomable waste in
our landfills. To put an urgent end to this we as a human race have to
bring changes in how we live. Making more sustainable choices in terms of lifestyle & fashion products like bags, accessories & clothing is vital.With the rise of awareness & shift in buying patterns, ZenKind has been conceptualised to offer stylish yet mindful luxury accessories.



With ZenKind we look forward to providing zero-waste luxury wherein
each of our products are 100 % biodegradable within 90-120 days in the compost. We want to build a community of people who are mindful about the impact they have on the environment directly & indirectly.