Multifunctional Sustainable Sling Bag

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-Classic Tote shape with Zipper and compartments.

-Organic printed cotton lining.

-Made from 100 % plant based and biodegradable coconut leather.

-Dimensions: 32.5 x 29 x 12 cm

-Made in India.

Material & Care Instructions

Coconut Leather. Lining - Organic Cotton. Store the bag/wallet in a cool & dry area. https://youtu.be/0mbD9yEnm7k

Shipping & Return

The product will be dispatched within 3- 7 working days. For Returns, refer to Return Policy.

Zero Waste Luxury
Planet Friendly
100% Biodegradable

Our sustainable multifunctional sling bag is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diaper bags, designed with a focus on minimizing environmental impact.To enhance sustainability, our sling bags are designed to be multi-purpose, allowing them to be used beyond the diapering stage. It has a removable insert for diaper change and can also be transformed into a regular messenger bag suitable for everyday use.

Our sustainable sling bag is intentionally designed to be smaller and more lightweight than standard diaper sling bags. It offers a compact profile that makes it easy to carry and conveniently fits into a variety of situations, such as crowded spaces or when traveling.  While smaller in size, a compact diaper sling bag still provides sufficient storage space to carry essential baby items. It typically includes a main compartment that can accommodate a few diapers, wipes and a small pack of baby essentials like a snack bar or a small toy. The other side includes a detachable changing pad compartment. There few additional compartments for organizing smaller items like keys or cell phones.The bag can be  worn over the shoulder or across the body, offering hands-free convenience. The adjustable strap allows for a customized fit and comfortable carrying experience..

By choosing a sustainable diaper sling bag, parents can prioritize the well-being of their baby and the planet. These eco-friendly bags offer a responsible and stylish solution for carrying baby essentials while reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Minimalist,Timeless and Socially Conscious.

Here are bags with clean lines and stylish designs to convey a sense of sophistication while avoiding excessive consumerism.

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What does it really mean to be sustainable? When we think of this word, we think of creating products that do not harm the environment and in fact help it grow. Through circular economy we think of a world where we give back to nature in abundance and create an economy that functions on this principle.

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We are currently sourcing our raw materials from malai. They work alongside southern india’s coconut farmers and processing units to convert coconut agricultural waste into vegan & home compostable material in turn making it 100% biodegradable.

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